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Hi Paul here, thanks to everyone visiting our informational website for SIMPLY BRITISH FOODS. This site was designed to fill a need in the marketplace, which allows myself to talk about our products and services that we offer. As an exclusive online business, dealing specifically in the prompt delivery and procurement of Imported British Foods, which are exclusive to the UK. and it's right in your own backyard! If you can't find the answer to your question please drop me a line. Cheers, Paul

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Batchelors Mushy or Marrowfat Peas

A staple in most homes in the UK, Marrowfat and Mushy Peas by Batchelors. We carry tinned or dried versions of both of these depending on which you prefer. So whether it’s Marrowfat peas in a 300g or 540g tin, or dried in a box for you to steep in water or Mushy peas in either original or chip-shop 300g cans or quick soak dried in a box your covered.... [Read more]

Cadbury Puddles Mint or Hazelnut bars

You know were all about giving our customers the latest and greatest so you won’t be surprised by these new lines that hit our shelves a few weeks ago after Cadbury UK on April 11th, 2015 that being Cadbury Puddles Mint or Hazelnut. It took 2 years & eight scientist’s to perfect the liquid center so needless to say there is nothing... [Read more]

Walkers Mint Toffees

The long awaited launch of Walkers Mint Toffees 150g bags have finally arrived on this side of the Atlantic and Canada is going to love them. This family firm which has been producing toffees for over 100 years knows a thing or two about it. As mint smell can permeate into other items Walkers until now was concerned about this happening thru out there... [Read more]

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