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Hi Paul here, thanks to everyone visiting our informational website for SIMPLY BRITISH FOODS. This site was designed to fill a need in the marketplace, which allows myself to talk about our products and services that we offer. As an exclusive online business, dealing specifically in the prompt delivery and procurement of Imported British Foods, which are exclusive to the UK. and it's right in your own backyard! If you can't find the answer to your question please drop me a line. Cheers, Paul

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Coombe Castle Cream has arrived all the way from ENGLAND!

We are very excited to announce the newest line to our many lines here at Simply British Foods, Coombe Castle Cream from England! We have got three different kinds of creams including: English Clotted Cream, Double Devon Cream and Crème Fraiche. All three of these are available online and as well as our store in Whitby! As these are chilled products... [Read more]

Meat Pies & Meat Products

We have just launched our Meat Pies and Meat products this week. You can know pick-up a delicious meat pie in one of 5 introductory flavours. We are starting off with Steak, Steak & Mushroom, Minced Beef & Onion, Chicken & Mushroom or Chicken & Leek. As we continue to grow our business we certainly will broaden our selection to possibly... [Read more]

British Brollies – 2 Designs

Want a fun brolly when the rain starts coming down on you this year? Well we just got our delivery of Brit Brollies in 2 fun designs. ‘Keep Calm it’s Raining’ or the ‘Union Jack’. These fun umbrella’s are yours for only a ten’r ($10, tax included). As we currently don’t sell souvenir’s these are... [Read more]

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