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Hi Paul here, thanks to everyone visiting our informational website for SIMPLY BRITISH FOODS. This site was designed to fill a need in the marketplace, which allows myself to talk about our products and services that we offer. As an exclusive online business, dealing specifically in the prompt delivery and procurement of Imported British Foods, which are exclusive to the UK. and it's right in your own backyard! If you can't find the answer to your question please drop me a line. Cheers, Paul

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British Cadbury Chocolate Bars in Canada

Did you know that we sell over 60 types of Cadbury chocolate bars from the UK? Whether your looking for Dairy Milk, Marvelous Creations, Eclairs, Flake or Curly Wurly to name just a few we have your covered. British standard vs Canadian standard this is left in the mouth of the taster! So when you need a choccie fix or want to treat some one else to... [Read more]

Fry’s Chocolate Bars in Canada

Canada did you know that this iconic brand has been around since 1866 and was one of the first bars ever produced. J. S Fry and Sons now owned by Cadbury UK has continued to be produced in the UK. Fry’s Chocolate Cream & Peppermint Cream remain one of the best selling bars for us along with Fry’s Turkish Delight bars. These are all... [Read more]

British Weetabix Banana – NEW

Voted Product of the Year for 2015! This was released only 9 months ago in the UK and we have it. This rounds out our range of Weetabix which now consists of Banana, Golden Syrup, Chocolate, Original and Oatbix. 100% wholegrain. Low in fat & salt and high on fibre how can you not fuel your day with this winner! Can 10,175 people surveyed be wrong,... [Read more]

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