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Hi Paul here, thanks to everyone visiting our informational website for SIMPLY BRITISH FOODS. This site was designed to fill a need in the marketplace, which allows myself to talk about our products and services that we offer. As an exclusive online business, dealing specifically in the prompt delivery and procurement of Imported British Foods, which are exclusive to the UK. and it's right in your own backyard! If you can't find the answer to your question please drop me a line. Cheers, Paul

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Green & Black’s Velvet Edition now in Canada

We are happy to be the 1st British retailer in Canada to launch the NEW Green & Black’s Velvet Edition from the UK and there are 4 flavours to choose from. Mint blended with Indian Mint Oil, Raspberry & Hazelnut, Orange & Almond blended with Sicilian Blood Orange Oil and Salted Caramel blended with Yorkshire Caramel & Anglesey... [Read more]

Canada – Happy British Easter April 1st, 2018

British Parsons Pickled Cockles & Mussels in Canada

After a very lengthy process of fish licenses to government approval we are pleased to announce we have our very first delivery of Parsons Pickled Cockles & Mussels. These 2 very popular items in the UK and now in Canada, expats across the country can indulge. Both come in 155g size jars and are available thru our Whitby, Ontario store, Pickering... [Read more]

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