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Hi to all that voted to date. In a 7 week period since I first asked you to weigh in we have have had over 250 votes for our M&S poll. With over 86% of those who voted they would love to see Marks and Spencer return to Canada this is up from the 84% in the first 3 weeks. 

It certainly appears that people are passionate about a national and international business that M&S is. Marc Bolland, M&S’s new chief is settling in to his new role at M&S and hopefully within his mandate he and his team are looking for avenues of growth Internationally.

Not sure if people want just the food, the textiles or all but if you have a favourite let me know and and I will add it to blog.  Again lets keep spreading the word and see where this can go. Will do the next post at 500, not sure how long that will take but whenever that happens you will see it here.

Thanks to all that have voted either way!

cheers, Paul

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2 Comments on "M&S Vote Tops 250"

  1. bill hutchings on Mon, 13th Sep 2010 4:52 pm 

    first, when did m&s leave canada? man, i’m still wearing their clothing to this day…yes they might have been slightly expensive, but, it outlasts everyone in their marketplace…i was home this year and brought a pair of jeans & sweater for 9quid each…in the spring i hand my nephews wife to pick up the same sweater 2/10quid and mail them to me cheaper than i could find anything compatabile price wise here in canada…as for their food section…what’s their to compare with here.

  2. paul on Wed, 22nd Sep 2010 1:54 pm 

    Hi Bill

    I hear what your saying, it’s hard to believe that they have been gone from Canada 10 years! You make some very good points that’s for sure when it comes to quality, as they are second to none! As for there food sections in the UK you just can’t beat them, or you certainly would have to go some to beta them thats for sure. So I guess it’s easy to say that you voted for the to come back and that your a fan of M&S. cheers Paul