Marks and Spencer vote now over 500

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Well, well, well it seems people are passionate about seeing M&S come back to Canada. You are doing it with your voting and we have already had over 500 people vote YES.

In the spam of a few months since we asked the question about M&S back in Canada we’ve gone from 0 to over 500. While not everyone is bothered if they come back or not over 80% that have voted to date have expressed the desire to see them come back.

So continue to spread the word and have your family, friends, colleagues whoever that were asking the question and let them decide for themselves if they also have that desire to see Marks and Spencer back in Canada.

Until we hit 1000 votes, thanks to all that took the time to express yourself.

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2 Comments on "Marks and Spencer vote now over 500"

  1. Henry Rice on Wed, 22nd Dec 2010 5:13 pm 

    Yes Paul my wife and all my family would love to see M&Sback in Canada. We came here with our 3 kids in 1975 and were very happy to find there was a M&S here in WINNIPEG. Back home in England we shopped in M&S frequently, and were really disappointed when they left Canada. SO YES BRING THEM BACK. Regards, Henry.

  2. paul on Thu, 23rd Dec 2010 7:50 am 

    Hello Henry, Thanks for the comments sounds you are a fan and that M&S needs to back to Canada! Having worked for M&S I guess your shopped in the Polo Park, St.Vital or Unicity Stores or I almost forgot about Portage Avenue store. Lets keep spreading the word that M&S should add Canada to list of Interantional Stores. cheers Paul