Jacob’s TUC Original and Cheese Sandwich 150g

February 25, 2011 by  
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As they say TUC in, that is into TUC crackers that we have just received. TUC were fairly common in the Canadian market place years ago sold thru a number of different grocery stores.  Well now you have a place to pick-up these very popular crackers once again. We have the TUC original and the TUC cheese sandwich. TUC original  are salted savoury snack biscuit while the TUC cheese sandwich is two savoury TUC biscuits sandwiched with a delicious cheese filling and both are suitable for vegetarians.

These 2 items are brought to you by Jacob’s the same people that bring you Cream Crackers and Club bars (orange, mint, fruit & plain) which we also carry in stock.

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