Nestle Black Magic & Terry’s All Gold Chocolates

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Well the timing couldn’t be more perfect, just in time for Easter or Mother’s Day. We have just received our order of Nestle Black Magic chocolates in 188g cartons and for the first time Terry’s All Gold Milk or Dark Chocolates in 200g cartons.

For the dark chocolate lover both Nestle Black Magic and Terry’s All Gold Dark should fill that need very nicely. Since we started carrying Black Magic last Christmas sales have exceeded what we anticipated, and that maybe partially to do with what appears to be that Nestle Canada doesn’t seem to bring them any more, certainly from what I saw or didn’t see when I went looking for them last Christmas after a number of people said they couldn’t find them any more. So your quest for these sought after chocolates can end as you have know found them at SIMPLY BRITISH FOODS.

As for Terry’s this our first time carrying the boxed chocolates but if they are as delicious as the famous Terry’s Orange there bound to be hit! Gorgeous chocolates in either a milk or dark variant. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with either the milk or dark. Depending on how well these sell we may consider carrying these outside the traditional selling periods of Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter or Mothers Day.

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