M&S Vote Tops 2500

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So, in a short 6 week period another few hundred folks have put their thoughts on our M&S poll and now 2500 people have voted. With approx. 80% of those that have voted to date, they have voted YES to Marks and Spencer coming back to CANADA. With this sort of pent up demand for M&S International and Jan Heere to look to CANADA as another potential candidate for future expansion of this British icon to return.

I have to say I personally would love to see them return to there early roots of a truly International business. Surely to be International, Canada should play a part in this role. God knows with the following they have here the chances of success should be tremendous. Unlike there first foray from the early days in 1972 to the final days in 1999 they have learned what it takes to make it work. Any of us that worked for M&S in those days know only to well what they should do and what they shouldn’t do. Albeit 2011 is a very different retailing period and that of those earlier years, success can and will be achieved.

Talk to all of you again when the 3000th vote is cast. cheers Paul

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