Barr Limeade!

January 21, 2012 by  
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Recently we received a new product here at Simply British Foods and as you all know we like to keep you informed as to what these new products are like! Today, I have tasted the new Barr Limeade and it is quite delicious.

After opening this delightful little drink I decided so you guys could see the colour I would pour it into a glass.

When I took a drink of this yellowish green beverage I was pleasantly surprised. It was fizzy, and sweet, but the lime taste is there. There is almost a sweet aspect that takes the bitterness away from lime, which is nice. Some would say that this drink has a Lime Cordial taste to it, and I would agree. After the second drink I picked up on another taste. Have any of you ever tried Barratt Refreshers? Well, this drink definitely has that fizzy, sweetness to it. Barr Limeade is all around a fantastic beverage, and would be ideal for a hot summer day! This drink will not only tickle your taste buds, but it will also satisfy your thirst!

If you want to try your own, visit our website and see how!

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