Fox’s Chocolate Bombe

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This Christmas treat is definitely for you chocolate lovers out there. Over the Holidays I decided to try this chocolate sensation so I would be able to tell all of you just how amazing it is.

The sumptuously moist chocolate sponge hides a super sweet surprise inside melted milk chocolate sauce. And who doesn’t like chocolate sauce! The size was perfect, because with the amount of rich chocolate you only need a slice.

When we cut into this moist chocolate ball, the melted, rich and creamy chocolate sauce poured out of the center.

This chocolate bomb was everything it set out to be. Taking my first bite, I got the moist pudding taste which was good enough, and out of no where came the rich, creamy and extremely delicious chocolate sauce. The combination of the pudding and the chocolate sauce went together hand in hand, with the warm pudding and steamy sauce it created a celebration in my mouth. Although, alone the Chocolate Bombe would have been quite delightful, I decided to add some vanilla ice cream, and that my friends put the icing on the cake.

This Chocolate Bombe was everything I had imagined and more, it is perfect for the holidays or just a nice family dinner and is big enough for the whole family to have a slice. If you are still looking to tickle your taste buds with this chocolate sensation, you are in luck! Since all of our Christmas stock is on sale for 50% off, you can purchase a Fox’x Chocolate Bombe for you and your family.

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