M&S Vote Tops 4000

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People certianly were busy over the christmas period with all the shopping, entertaining and voting on our YES or NO poll. Since my last post in Novemeber another 1000 folks added their voice with a resounding YES in wanting Marks & Spencer returning to Canada.

On November 24th, 2011 M&S returned to Paris with a store opening on the CHAMPS-ÉLYSÉES after closing up shop not long after they closed up shop in Canada. They have another 3 – 4 planned for France so when will it be our turn.

With a very devoted following in Canada after close to a 40 year relationship in this country, from the very first St. Michael Shops that opened in 1972 to the M&S name by the late 1970’s. The St. Michael brand was loved by many then and the M&S brand today by many more. As International Retailers have invaded the Canadian retail landscape in the last few years with a vengeance all with there home countries flags proudly waving.

Keep the votes coming in as it appears that Canadians, Ex Pats & M&S devotees want M&S to return to Canada.

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