M&S Vote Tops 5000

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Passionate people are passionate about certain things that’s for sure and there’s no shortage when it comes to our YES or NO poll. From January 3rd 2012 to March 1st 2012 another 1000 votes have been cast and that over 70% of these votes would love to see Marks and Spencer  come back to Canada.

So I ask when will M&S land on our shores again and bring all things M&S back to a country that for over 25 years loved to have them. Be it for a pair of knickers, frock, jumper or melton mowbray pork pie (albiet Canadian made but a whole lot better than the rubbish being flogged in most cases today). Pop over to our facebook page and check out my question about pork pies?

So keep the votes rolling in and I will report back in at 7500 votes! Feel free to drop us a line we would love to hear your memoires of M&S and maybe you have some M&S memorabilia as a customer or staff member that you would like to share a photo of.

Here’s a few things that I have: My M&S Metal Badge and my Staff badge from my days as a Stock Boy!

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