M&S Vote Tops 7000

June 1, 2012 by  
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Thank you everyone that has seen our poll and voted on our question of  do you ‘Want M&S Back in Canada’. Well in the span of 3 months we have added another 200o votes to go over 7000. People from all over the country have weighed in and cast a vote.

Lets keep the momentum coming as this is the only way that Marks and Spencer in the UK will look to Canada as a possible avenue for International Expansion. With a country like Canada that has history with M&S and the fact that there is large British population why not. If you haven’t voted please do, pass this on to others to make them aware of our poll.

There is certainly no lack of interest out there and folks are always looking for Marks and Spencer food products. I for would love to have M&S back in Canada.

So keep the votes coming and I will check back in at 10,000 votes! cheers Paul

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