Marks & Spencer poll tops 10,000 Votes

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I’m not really sure what to say other than WOW! There are a whole pile of passionate folks out there because thru your clicks we have topped 10,000 votes on our ‘Want M&S Back in Canada’  poll.

Marks & Spencer is truly a fantastic retailer that needs to come back to CANADA! Come on M&S what are you waiting for, your franchise model that you use around the world surely would work here? I for one would love the chance to bring M&S back to Canada, as my poll suggests there is not shortage of folks that would shop in M&S stores and on-line here. I can’t believe that way back in the day 1980 to be precise when I got my first job as a stockboy, 15 years later after a great career and 30+ years laster that I still have passion about M&S. Maybe it’s my Gold M&S Supervisors badge that I still have today or just some of the many things that I learned that I still use my in retail career today.

This time around you only need a handful of stores in a major cites that being Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver & Victoria as the starting point. International Stores are a growth vehicle for M&S to spread the word about what the have to offer. M&S let me the first to say when your ready to open up shop I’m hear.

cheers, Paul

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