Cadbury Chocolate from the UK

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Did you know here at Simply British Foods we have over 30 different Cadbury  UK chocolate bars for you to choose from, and as you know all of them are imported directly from the United Kingdom and made to British standard not Canadian standard! If you have never tasted a Cadbury UK milk chocolate bar, we highly suggest you taste one so you can see for yourself the obvious difference in taste.

Since their are different ingredients used in Cadbury UK bars, compared to Cadbury Canada bars, we believe it is easy to taste the difference, the chocolate is a lot smoother and almost melts in your mouth. Most people that you talk to that have tried, or swear by UK chocolate will tell you the same thing. However, why not try for yourself?

Visit us online to check out our wide range of Cadbury chocolate bars, or come and see us at our outlet store in the Pickering Markets.


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