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So the new year is upon us and here we are February and we just pasted 50,000 votes on our poll to see if Marks & Spencer should come back to Canada? Clearly the sentiment is still as strong as ever that Canadians, Ex-Pats & Fans want to see a few M&S Stores back here. While it’s interesting that there International expansion will see a number of stores in India open and that they believe that the Indian market will become there largest International market but not a peep about this part of the world???? http://corporate.marksandspencer.com/media/press_releases/marks-and-spencer-to-build-a-leadership-position-in-india

We may not be the biggest market out there but we certainly could easily support a number of stores, Toronto being one of them. Who would love a Marks and Sparks no one other than us, they just need to reach out to us. As International retailers from around the world have flocked to the Toronto area in the last few years were is M&S?? Want to be a International Retailer surely that would mean a few shops here don’t you think?

We here at Simply British Foods cannot believe the responses we have had from all of you, it’s is overwhelming to see how the sentiment is still out there for Marks to come back into Canada after they pulled up stakes back in 1999. For all of you that have voted, that’s great as this is the only way they will take note and look into Canada for there next expansion plans, fingers crossed!

For those of you who have already voted, we want to say a big thank you! And for those who haven’t had the chance too, what are you waiting for! Keep the votes coming whatever your opinion may be, you can vote Yes or No. We will check in with an update when we hit 75,000 votes. Happy Voting!

Hey, M&S International are you watching???

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