Heinz Beanz UK vs. Heinz Beans Canada

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So the verdict is in on the Beanz based on the ‘Recipe inspired by the #1 variety in Britain’. So we had our beanz on toast today comparing both beanz just to see how they compared when put to a side by side taste test. What a poor rip-off …is all we can say. They are soup like and watery as all get out and have some weird tinny taste.
This is yet another poor Canadian version of a great Brit product and as with everything when it comes to British Standard vs. Canadian Standard it’s like comparing a Bramley apple vs. McIntosh apple! Both apples but that’s were it starts and stops!
It comes down to ingredients and here’s where all things are not created equally.
Heinz Canada ingredients: water, white beans, tomato puree, sugar, vinegar, modified cornstarch, salt, calcium chloride, mustard, onion powder & spices.
Heinz UK ingredients: beans (51%), tomatoes (34%) water, sugar, modified cornflour, spirit vinegar, salt, spice extracts & herb extract.
We all know the ingredients are listed highest to lowest. So you be the judge try them for yourself, after all it’s personal taste. What do think when you look at these photo’s?
british vs britshbritish vs british stylebritish vs british beanz

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