Cadbury Flake Taste Test – British vs. Canadian

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Since we got so many views on our last taste test and comparison between the Heanz Beanz UK and the British Canadian Heanz Beanz, we thought it would be interesting to try some other products. There are many different products that are made to Canadian standards as Imported products, so we decided to go with the Cadbury Flake.

When you first look at the packaging, they both look very similar if not the same. But once you open them you can definitely see a  difference in colour as well as texture. On the top is the British version, and on the bottom is Canadian version. It’s amazing how 2 products both made in Ireland can be so different and how Imported products are never the same in taste. You change the ingredients you change the taste, as each Country has there own rules and regulations on what can be used to make a product.


Once we snapped the two bars in half to try them, you could see the difference because the Canadian version started to fall apart and the British version stayed together nicely. It was easy to see how the ripples of chocolate were much tighter in the British version as well.


After trying both of them, you can tell that there is a serious difference in taste. The Canadian version isn’t bad, but when compared to the British version you can tell they are made with different standards and are not the same that’s all. The British version (on left) falls melts in your mouth, and for the Canadian version (on right) it kind of breaks into pieces in your mouth and doesn’t melt all that nicely, but the might have something to do with the fact the 1st ingredient in the UK version is MILK in the Canadian version it’s SUGAR.


UK standard: Milk, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Vegetable fats (palm & shea), Emulsifer & Flavourings

CAN standard: Sugar, Milk Ingredients, Cocoa Butter, Unsweetened Chocolate, Modified Palm Oil, Ammonium Salt of Phosphorylated Glyceride & Artificial Flavours.

This is something you’ll all have to taste for yourself and let us know what you think.

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