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We have just launched our Meat Pies and Meat products this week. You can know pick-up a delicious meat pie in one of 5 introductory flavours. We are starting off with Steak, Steak & Mushroom, Minced Beef & Onion, Chicken & Mushroom or Chicken & Leek. As we continue to grow our business we certainly will broaden our selection to possibly include a Cornish Pasty, Steak & Kidney Pudding, Cheese & Onion Pasty to name a few things.

We have also no started to sell some Meat products and can try Square Sausage, Beef or Pork Links, Black Pudding, Belfast Ham, Haggis Links, Haggis Slices or Vegetable Roll. Over time we continue to widen this offering as well.

These are only available at this time thru out store in Whitby located at 214 Dundas Street East

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