M&S Plans Massive Expansion – Not to Canada Pity!!!

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So Marks and Spencer is planning a massive International Expansion but and we in Canada are left out in the cold! How in country as Canada where there is still a great amount of brand loyalty and awareness even after 15 years after they pulled the plug on us, even the Aussie’s will get stores before us. This isn’t M&S 1985 when being British was something we swepted under the carpets, after all we wanted to be seen as Canadian, can you image IKEA not trumpeting there Swedish??

Nothing wrong with that but after all it was our cultural background that made us different. I remember when folks used to come into our shops here and they thought what a strange combination a clothing store with food in it. Fast forward and the retail landscape has changed big time, were you have food retailers selling clothing, clothing retailers selling food, drug stores selling food and so on and so forth.

M&S we want you, we shall stay clam and pray for your return. We hear and just waiting. M&S call us we’d love to have a store or 2.

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