DOUBLE CREAM now available in Whitby, Ontario (PRE-BOOK ONLY ETA SEPT 18TH)

September 2, 2020 by  
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So after months of looking for a Canadian sourced replacement to the product we used to carry from the UK  we’ve found an outstanding replacement sourced locally right here in Ontario. Sheldon Creek Dairy produces a glorious ultra rich THICK DOUBLE CREAM (45% milk fat) packaged in the cutest 1 pint bottles (473ml). This is a great local product to replace the previous Clotted cream (55% milk fat) and Devon cream (48% milk fat) product we used to carry from the UK.  This is non-homogenized, but pasteurized, this product is only pasteurized to the bare minimum, being 16 seconds at 161 degrees.  So, the majority of the beneficial enzymes are retained. That also means the shelf life isn’t going to be as long (approx. 3 weeks from production) as other dairy products. Now available in our Whitby store and online thru our website listed under English Foods-Chilled/Frozen-Dairy Ingredients: CREAM

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