British Postage Too Expensive?

Postage from the UK

british stampWith the cost of International Air Mail postage these days why ask relatives to ship to you from the UK to Canada when so many items are available here in Canada and thru us at SIMPLY BRITISH FOODS.No need to waste your time running around to purchase what you or your family may want. No need to then look for packaging that will make the trip and not be destroyed. We can take care of this as all products will be shipped in industry standard boxes with ECT (edge crush test) of 23 or 29 lbs. All will be packed correctly by us to ensure that everything you ordered will be received in perfect condition. For those items in glass or liquids we bubble wrap them for additional protection.

pound sterling

With the currency fluctuations in British Pounds vs. the Canadian Dollar this just isn’t a very cost effective way to get those sought after products you want. Why not let you money work for you and stretch further when your purchasing in Canadian Dollars. Would you rather not pay for products in Canadian Dollars that have been shipped in bulk in containers, which allow the best possible prices you can get? We are always looking at ways to add value to your shopping experience with us at SIMPLY BRITISH FOODS those could be thru special offers, gift with purchase or our 15% on-line discount when purchasing 2 or more of the same item. All of these things added up adds value and stretches your pounds even further.

royal mailShipping with Royal Mail from the UK along with your packaging costs and the time becomes very expensive. If you consider in our example to ship 2.o Kilo’s from the UK would cost you approx. $45 CAN.

To ship that same 2.0 Kilo’s by us dependent on which part of the country you live in could be approx. half the cost or even less for those in Ontario or Quebec. 2.0 Kilo = £23.26 or approx. $45.00

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