We are proud that all our shipping materials and packaging can be recycled. From our Paper Shopping Bags, DEGRADABLE Bags, Cardboard Shipping Boxes, Tissue Paper and lastly even our BIO-FOAM, LOOSE-FILL packing peanuts are made from corn, wheat, and potato starch - which are renewable and abundant resources and they dissolve in water. 100% Biodegradable.Recycle where in place - please dispose of all packaging in a Eco-friendly manner.

Also another way that you can help the planet is ordering thru SIMPLY BRITISH FOODS. Why you ask, simple as all our products have already been imported once, why have items that we sell ot can get sent from the UK in the post, every little bit helps. Also we purchase products from some manufactures in the UK that are very much at the forefront when it comes to their Carbon Foot print. One such company is WALKERS who believe strongly enough to be working with the CARBON TRUST.