Glengarry Highland Games August 2010

Hi Everyone

Well this past weekend we were in the town of Maxville between Ottawa and Cornwall for the Glengarry Highland Games. We changed booth locations this our second year and what a difference a year makes. While we were happy enough with last year to return this past weekend was excellent. Friday are Fridays in the sense you get what you get with Saturday being the big day. The weather was perfect over both days and the people came out in record numbers.

We brought some new products to try and see what interest there would be. Edinburgh Rock candy sold-out and we will bring more for 2011. We also had brought in some Walkers 6 pack crisps to complement our Walkers single packs. It was surprising that the flavour I thought would have been the best seller wasn’t and the perennial flavour champ Cheese and Onion was the least popular. We had Cheese and Bacon, Meat (Roast Chicken, Smoky Bacon & Steak & Onion), Original (Salt & Vinegar, Ready Salted and Cheese & Onion) and Cheese and Onion. The other multi-pack of snacks we brought in for this show was a 6 pack of Quavers (Cheese, Prawn and Salt & Vinegar) which also did very well.

Our range of canned soft drinks also performed well that being Irn-Bru, Sugar Free Irn-Bru,Vimto, Tango, Ginger Beer, Lilt, D&B, Lemonade and  Tizer.

So thank you to all that came by the booth to see us and we very much are looking forward to 2011.   

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