Pickering Ribfest 2010

We experienced our 1st Ribfest this past weekend Fri & Sat June 4/5th, 2010 at Pickering. The event was put on by the Rotary Club of Pickering and there was well attended by tens of thousands of people. The weather was perfect and it brought out the people to enjoy there Ribs from 1 of 8 Ribbers that were in attendance.

We were located in the Marketplace area that was located directly behind City Hall and the Library. There were a number of vendors in this area that consisted of Jewelery, Sunglasses, Energy Drinks, Chiropractor, Wood Sign Maker to name a few and of course us. We meet some great folks and had a number of people asking where we were located and did we have a shop. We gave out lots of business cards for those that had inquired about us. We had a few people ask for products if we carried them and if we could get them. One customer named Tracy that was telling us about her quest to find Baxter’s Tomato Chutney and that she couldn’t find it anywhere and no of the big chain stores were interested in helping. This is were we came to help, as I mentioned that we carry a number Baxter’s products and if she emailed I would look into it to see if we could get it for here.  Tracy emailed within 2 days on Monday and we were able to fill her request on she came and picked it up on Tuesday.

With all shows that we attend there are always lessions learned and if shows work or they don’t. In the case of Pickering we will be back hopefully in 2011 for all 3 days.

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