Marks and Spencer Back in Canada?

Hi Everyone, now that I have your attention to something that maybe close to your heart. Come on CANADA, EXPATS, M&S LOVERS and anyone else that would love to see M&S back in the Colonies!!  As they continue the push in their International Sales by opening 40 new stores between (2011-12) and now have 400 in 44 countries when will they come back to Canada?

We all miss M&S, certainly no more than an expat and ex M&S employee like myself. While we are not calling this a petition purely a vote to see what the sentiment is. After 30 years of setting up shop in Canada in 1972 and now 10+years since they left the passion seems very much to be there. There doesn’t seem to a day, week, trade show that I don’t hear something about M&S.

So I thought why not throw this out there and see how passionate we all are about M&S! Lets start talking about this and see if we can bend an ear of there new Chief Executive Marc Bolland about what Canada has to offer. Tell your friends, family, colleagues and one else and get them to vote. If any one is twittering or has a facebook page about M&S let me know and I will spread the word.

As we respect the privacy of any one who comes to our site we are not gathering any personal info about your Vote. Please see our legal page if you require any clarity.

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