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sbf-left-sidebarWhile we have hundreds of products currently on-line thru our website simplybritishfoods we are always adding new lines to our offering. These new lines can be our own additions or requests from our existing clientele or new customers. Here are some of the worlds best brands that we carry. Maybe it’s a chocolate fix you need of morrish melt in you mouth Galaxy bar. A Milk Chocolate Hobnob may do the trick to go with your cup of tea.  A bag of crisps with that pint of beer when your relaxing or celebrating. Delicious onion gravy to go with your favourite Sunday roast beef dinner. Crackers that will complement maybe that ploughman’s lunch that you just fancy. Or maybe you just have a voracious sweet tooth and  just a sweets fix is the order of the day. Our range is growing all the time and we are constantly adding new lines and ranges to our product mix. If it’s Cakes, Sweets, Biscuits, Groceries or Crackers we may have what you are looking for.  If we don’t have what you are searching for ask us to look into it as a special order, if you don’t ask you don’t get!

britianWith some of the most well known brands in the England, Scotland, Wales  or Ireland on our site here are just a few. All over Britain there are many great brands and items that we stock and we are always adding more. No matter if it’s from the South of England, Highlands of Scotland, East of Wales or Central Ireland we will bring the best of what any of these countries has to offer.

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Mr. Kipling, Soreen, Cadbury & McVities


Burton’s, Cadbury, Crawford’s, Fox’s, Jacob’s, McVities & Tunnock’s


Barratt, Bassett’s, Cadbury,  Fox’s, Fry’s, Galaxy, Maynards, McCowans, Nestle, Rowntrees, Taveners, Thornton’s and Walkers


Jacob’s, McVities, Nairns and Walkers


Batchelors, Birds, Bisto, Branston, Cadbury, Colman’s, Heinz, HP, Nestle, Patak’s, Robertson’s, Robinson’s & Tate & Lyle


Jacob’s, Smiths & Walkers

purchase products on the Simply British Foods website