Clearance & Past Date

‘While these products are past there display until date they are perfectly fine. While optimal quality is within the date most of these products keep there freshness well past the display or sell by date. As dates are put on products to ensure the best quality is available these are a guideline for both the stores selling them and the consumer purchasing them.

As the product is past it’s sell by or display until date we take good reductions to clear out the product. All products sold in the clearance section are sold as is and the price is reflective of this. You as the consumer have the choice to purchase these products or product that is regular price based on the stringent date rotation regime we  have in place.

‘3 for 1’ past date clearance products are only available thru our OUTLET STORE in the Pickering Markets. Quantities and Selection will vary from weekend to weekend that the OUTLET STORE  is open. Opening hours are Saturday and Sunday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. All other clearance & past date products are a minimum 50% their original price

We also have a small clearance section at our Whitby STORE with products reduced by a minimum of 50% of there original prices

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