Quality Control

At SIMPLY BRITISH FOODS we have the experience and knowledge to ensure that only products within their ‘display until or sell by’ date will be sold to you. We will sell only those products that are within there display until or sell by date, 100% quality control is part of our mandate.

m&sHaving had the luxury to work for such a great business as M&S and that it’s foundings were built on quality, value and service this has served well over the  years not only for them, another business that I have worked for and now my own business. Having worked for Marks and Spencer for 17 years, this instilled in us what quality control and date rotation is all about.

Date Rotation

quality-controlOur mission is to date rotate all of our products to ensure that Quality Control is in place 100% of the time. We pride ourselves on our scrutiny on date rotation. We feel so strongly about this that we are more than willing to say – it’s FREE*. Receive a product past it’s display until date, your money will be refunded. Exception those items purchased from the clearance section and are sold as is.

Display Until Dates

freshness blueFood that has passed its display until or best before date is still safe, but optimal quality is no longer guaranteed. All products have a display until or best before date on the package (most Import standard do not). While there technically both the same, different companies use different language. As the UK food industry has many years ahead of the Canadian industry when it comes to dating of products. In this country while more and more products are using calendar dates versus manufacturing codes it helps the consumer to determine if the product they may purchase is at their peak of freshness. We feel so strongly about date rotation we’ve created our FRESHNESS GUARANTEED promise. While some of our competitors aren’t as vigilant about this fundamental practice, we are committed to you to ensure you get the freshness you deserve!

Freshness Guaranteed

If for some reason you receive a product past it’s ‘display until or sell by’ date we will refund your money and you get to keep the product. Those products purchased thru the Clearance Section are sold ‘as is’ and are not applicable to be refunded.

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