Custom Gift Baskets

Gift Giving

Pick the products you wish us to turn into a Custom Hamper, Basket, Box or Tin. The choices are endless and you can refer to our product ordering website simplybritishfoods for all the products we have available.

Corporate – Gifts made Easy!

No matter what you have in mind or what you would like to get we can probably make it happen. All we need to know is what your budget is and how many you are looking for. Corporate Gift giving can come in various types.

Maybe it’s a basket over flowing with endless choices that the end user will go crazy over. Maybe it’s a box that’s themed with all sweets and chocolate that those with a voracious sweet tooth will die for.

Finally it may be something simple but an elegant tin that just has those products that your colleagues will say Thank You for something that they wouldn’t get for themselves. You pick it, we’ll make it!

Personal – Gifts made Easy!

gift selectionsThere is nothing better than receiving something that you just love to get. What’s easier than giving that special someone a special custom gift. We can suit all budgets to make something that you would be proud to give.

Be it a nice gift basket filled with tea & biscuits as one idea. A gift bag with a drink and chocolate bar as another. Maybe it’s that simple stocking stuffer you are looking for. From the smallest of price points to the largest gift baskets just ask what we can do for you.  $5 – $100 we can make it for you!

Christmas Hampers

Ask us about our Hamper program, which allows you to order all your favourite items and pay for it thru out the year. Ordering a Hamper for someone that truly means allot to you is your personal way to present them with something that is clearly a favourite.

By knowing them well and ordering all there favourite things will say to them that you really went out or your way and put allot of thought into it. FAQ about the program and whats involved. Please note that Hampers are sent in a non-descript plain brown shipping carton

Is it easy to order and affordable

Ordering a Hamper allows you to spread out your final cost by the number of weeks left in the year until the week your hamper is shipped or delivered. ie: 24 weeks left in the year = 22 weeks until shipping  or delivery = 22 payments


Once we recieve your order by the Monday of the next week payments will commence. You can do weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments based on what works best for you. Visa & Mastercard are currently the only payment options.

Price Guarantee

Regardless on when you order your Hamper your order price on all products remains guaranteed regardless if there are any price increases passed on to us at SIMPLY BRITISH FOODS.

Shipping Cost

Like all baskets or hampers ordered shipping is based on the amount of products ordered. As shipping is based on cubed weight (unless card delivery in City of Toronto or the Durham Region). We will be able to advise you on your final shipping charge regardless of the shipping costs initially provided to you thru ur website. As volumes of food products varies widely we can determine the carton size (if being shipped) which may lead to low costs.

How to start the process

Choose the products you want in your hamper

Decide how you often you want to make a payment.Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly and we will work out your payments. In the `notice to us` box you can make this notation

Send your on-line order to us and it`s done.


ideasGot a great idea like those flowing from a tap? Let us know and we can add it for all to see! We don’t have a monopoly on great idea’s for the Gift giving. We have listed a few to get you started on what would make great gifts.

Chocolate Lovers! Anything with Chocolate, Royal Warrant products! For the Monarchist, All things Scottish!, English Tea and Biscuits!, Vegetarian and Vegan Selection!

Give the brands they love! Cadbury, Nestle or McVities to name a few

How to order Gift Baskets, Box or Tin

Order these products thru our product ordering website simplybritishfoods and in the ‘Notice to Us’ box let us know that you would like to turn these products into a Basket, Box or Tin

Depending on products selected, we will source the appropriate Basket, Box or Tin (basket and creation charge apply)

Basket orders will have some beautiful Union Jack embossed ribbon to finish off the look!

We will add a handy fridge magnet, for quick access when the recipient is ready to place an order.

We will hand deliver your Basket to your home or business in Durham Region or City of  Toronto. (Only a Gift Box or Gift Tin can be shipped in Canada-by-Canada Post)

Gift Box’s include those products you select to be shipped anywhere in Canada.

Car delivery available in Durham Region and City of Toronto – Canada Post for the rest of the Country.

purchase products on the Simply British Foods website