Custom British Gift Baskets in Canada

Custom build you’re British Gift Basket for that special person or corporate event see our website for more info. SIMPLY BRITISH FOODS

Custom Gift Basket are available in Durham Region & City of Toronto by our van delivery service. Rest of the country by Expedited Parcel by Canada Post  

Pick the products you wish us to turn into a Custom Gift Basket. The choices are endless and you can refer to our product ordering website SIMPLY BRITISH FOODS for all the products we have available.

Corporate – Gifts made Easy!

No matter what you have in mind or what you would like to get we can probably make it happen. All we need to know is what your budget is and how many you are looking for. Corporate Gift giving can come in various types.

Maybe it’s a basket over flowing with endless choices that the end user will go crazy over. Maybe it’s a basket that’s themed with all sweets and chocolate that those with a voracious sweet tooth will die for.

Finally it may be something simple but an elegant basket that just has those products that your colleagues will say Thank You for something that they wouldn’t get for themselves. You pick it, we’ll make it!

Shipping Cost

Like all Custom Gift Baskets ordered shipping is based on the amount of products ordered. As shipping is based on cubed weight (unless card delivery in City of Toronto or Durham Region). We will be able to advise you on your final shipping charge regardless of the shipping costs initially provided to you thru ur website. As volumes of food products varies widely we can determine the carton size (if being shipped) which may lead to low costs.

How to order Custom Gift Baskets

Order these products thru our product ordering website simplybritishfoods and in the ‘Notice to Us’ box let us know that you would like to turn these products into a Gift Basket

Flat fee of $20.00 + taxes (where applicable)

Basket orders will have some beautiful Union Jack, St. George, St. Andrews, Welsh Dragon or Tri-Colour embossed ribbon to finish off the look! You get to choose the ribbon from the country to which the receipt maybe from.

We will hand deliver your Basket to your home or business in Durham Region or City of  Toronto or ship via Canada Post.

Van delivery available in Durham Region and City of Toronto – Canada Post for the rest of the Country.

purchase products on the Simply British Foods website