Special Orders

britianWe are more that happy to look into availability of any product you are longing for. Whatever the product, if it’s available in the United Kingdom we will try to get it whenever possible.  As we do not carry these products they are classified as ‘Special Order’. Visit our product ordering website simplybritishfoods and see if what you are looking for isn’t already listed.

Paid in Full

paid-in-fullSpecial orders must be Paid In Full in advance before ordering will occur, dependent on we can actually get what you are looking for.  Also in some cases you may have to purchase the full carton quantity. Full carton purchases will be required on a product that we have tried in the past unsuccessfully to sell thru.



With all special orders timing can be a few weeks to a few months. As these special orders will be added to the next shipping container being sent.  We strongly suggest that if you are looking for some certain product that you provide as much notice as possible to avoid disappointment.

Contact Form

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